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Aprisi Assure, Istonish’s third party verification solution leverages a multi-channel communications technology to facilitate true understanding between organizations and their customers.

Built with the newest in Cisco’s cloud collaboration tools including Tropo voice management and our own easy to manage scripting and work flow management, Aprisi Assure is a flexible, easy-to-implement technology and third party verification solution that easily and securely integrates into your current environment. The platform also includes an intuitive portal that gives you on-demand access to artifacts and data-driven reports that give you insight into your operations.

Aprisi Contact Center is:

  • A cloud-based contact center platform
  • A script and interactive voice response configuration environment that enables ACD and complex IVR solutions to be created by end users (not programmers), in real time.
  • A voice handling platform with all of the “bells and whistles” of multi-language voice recognition, call recording, and text to speech
  • A computer telephony integration configuration tool that makes the set-up of the agent desktop simple and quick
  • An integration platform that simply and quickly facilitates connection and data sharing to any environment that can be accessed via an API
  • A platform that incorporates text, SMS, email, Chat, and video integration into a unified contact management view