cable & telecom

Istonish is an industry leader in building and supporting technology solutions for cable and telecommunications customers. We have more than 20 years of experience successfully leveraging technology in order to integrate with our cable clients.  We deliver 24x7x365, cost-effective, high-quality services throughout the U.S. for some of the largest national and regional cable and telecommunications companies in the country. We develop cost efficient, highly scalable, uniquely customized solutions to create a positive customer experience.

financial services

In the often-confusing world of financial services, disclosure may not be not enough to ensure that a client understands either a financial plan or the details of a complex financial product. Istonish enables fiduciaries to keep their clients’ interests first, by confirming that they comprehend what they’re getting. By having a third party ask a series of questions, advisers can confirm whether a client needs more information or a further explanation. Aprisi Assure can help firms identify communication gaps among advisers and clients, as well as assist with financial education.

Our white paper, "From Disclosure to Comprehension: Mitigating Risk in a Fiduciary World" explains how our Aprisi Assure compliance solution can help you obtain "evidence of comprehension" that builds trust with your clients, and reduces the risk of regulatory compliance investigations and litigation.

In a second white paper, "Evidence Of Comprehension: Managing Litigation and Regulatory Compliance Risks Under The New DoL Fiduciary Rule and ERISA," we go into depth about this topic with insights from Marcia S. Wagner from The Wagner Law Group.


For consumers, reviewing pages upon page of hard to understand legal documents can be daunting and confusing.  Truth be told, most never actually read closing documents in detail or entirety.  But the need for them to understand them is not waved when they sign or initial pages of the document.  This can lead to misunderstanding, breach of contract, and sometimes even lawsuits.  

That's why enlisting the help of a third party to verify understanding of the terms and to get "evidence of comprehension" is good for all parties involved.  Istonish TPV can easily integrate this verification service into your existing operations and procedures and allow you to provide this service to your customers - increasing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.