Being able to verify a transaction or a change order helps mitigate risk, eliminate fraud, and increase understanding between you and your client or customer. 

Agreements and transactions can be really complicated.  And when consumers don't clearly understand terms and conditions, problems can arise on both sides of the deal.  Customer satisfaction and your reputation can be negatively impacted, service delivery can be delayed, and you may even be exposed to legal risk.  Add a language barrier or the inability to complete verifications using the device that customers prefer and you could have a challenges getting confirmations.

For more than 15 years, Istonish Verification Services has conducted Third Party Verification (TPV) for many organizations who need to ensure understanding and build trust with their clients.  Leveraging Aprisi, our proprietary, omni-channel contact center platform and an experienced team of multilingual agents, we can easily integrate into your operations, capture and store voice and electronic verifications, and provide you with an on-demand portal where you can easily gain access to your records.



Aprisi, our open architecture and leading-edge verification platform paves the way for custom-built solutions that meet your unique demands.

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Verification Services

Our customizable and streamlined TPV experience eliminates manual back-end processes and the associated costs.

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What Our Customers Say ...

We greatly value our partnership with Istonish.”
Istonish has reviewed their processes and communication thoroughly and rarely have I experienced ANY trouble. I know from experience if any question or concern arises it will be addressed.”
Istonish has been a partner for many years. Anytime we have had an issue Istonish responds immediately.”